Chief Talker

Nateight has been a true believer in the power of VR since reading Neuromancer as a teenager - to this day, he can't remember which one of them came up with the idea of the Matrix first. Now 35, Nate has been a citizen of the Internet for the majority of his life, and has never been more excited by a project, a team, a movement, a community, a technology, a vision, or a moment in history. He plays Spelunky not because he hates himself, but mostly just to forget about how much he misses Fantasy Earth: Zero.

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Unicorn Developer and 3D Artist

Mitch loves taking in knowledge and learning, this combined with his ingrained love for technology lead him into learning the 3D artists work-flow since he was 12 with programs such as Maya, Max, Cinema 4D and Mudbox. He then decided to feed his hunger for problem solving, learning some front-end development with web - which you can see with his website - after this he starting learning UDK from the great wizard of teaching Youtube, moving on to Unity to do some demos for the Rift, trying his hand and the free open source Engine Torque 3D, then finally coming full circle building games with UE4. Aside from Game Dev things he enjoys photography and re-purposing old hardware to make useful new gadgets and technology.

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Aaron has been obsessed with VR since the moment he first laid eyes on the Oculus Rift. He has been working on a number of side projects before joining Metatron, including a custom 3D wire frame engine and a remake of his favorite childhood video game, Chip's Challenge combined with his all-time favorite video game, Portal ( Now a freshman at the University of Toledo, he’s ready to get on with this whole Metaverse thing.


Unity Evangelist

Metatron’s Irish contingent, gets his handle from lengthy first-person shooter sessions and his mastery of C# from applying a games development degree toward writing bank software. Now a freelance coder finally at home with Unity, Jason is already hard at work tackling the thorny problem of perfecting VR input and UI; his efforts will eventually be published as a cornerstone of the open-source VR.VU project. One of the more opinionated and articulate members of the VR development community, expect to hear more and more of his brogue – he’ll talk with anyone about anything, but his thoughts on usability and control in VR deserve particular attention.

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Environment Designer

A grumpy octogenarian trapped in a body barely able to legally drink, Max excels at oblique thinking and knowing a disturbing amount about the Fallout universe. He hopes to one day have a good reason to own a belt-mounted change dispenser.


Web Guy

Gunter entered the VR game in July of 2013 when his Oculus Rift arrived. For Gunter, VR Social experiences are the holy grail. He believes that what matters most are people ... the users. And he thinks VR has the potential to connect us in ways never before imagined. Gunter's goal in all of the this VR exploration is to make friends and bring VR experiences that connect people together.

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Composer and Sound Designer

Trained classically by the Royal Conservatory of Music, but also by the soundtracks of hundreds of VHS movies about dystopian futures. After picking up William Gibson's "Virtual Light" in his early teens, he has been obsessed with VR, and began privately making his own soundtracks to the books he read. Holotape helped to produce the pioneering VR talk show “Virtually Incorrect”, and is one of the hosts of the Left-handed VR Podcast.  He now works with Team Metatron in the capacity of Lead Sound Designer on multiple titles.

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Nathan initially started VR development as a hobby. He quickly amassed a substantial list of clients, including Deakin University, where he has successfully completed his undergraduate degree in Information Technology, majoring in software development. He is currently spending his honours year researching the effectiveness of VR in training and education, and plans to spend much of it lost in Deakin's state-of-the-art CAVE system.

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D is a software developer, researcher, and virtual reality evangelist, responsible for the eVRydayVR YouTube channel, which provides carefully-researched coverage of VR demos and technical topics. From Berkeley near San Francisco, D is currently transitioning into professional VR development; for details see D's VR development blog.

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Omnipresent Technical Artist

Wormlayer is the developer of the Half-Life VR mod, an ongoing project to free Half-Life 2 from the constraints of the primitive user interface it was forced to use.

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Now mostly a Virtual Reality Ventures salaryman, Ben is one of the lucky few to actually be earning a living at this whole VR thing. He may yet return as a moonlighting game developer, “but only if those [expletive] give me a Vive.”